Monday, August 30, 2010

Yahoo domains: read this before you register a domain name with Yahoo

Yahoo! has a service called Yahoo! Small Business that sells domain names at a very attractive price. If you think of registering a domain through them, read on. And maybe also have a look at what others say.

First Yahoo! is not an accredited domain registrar, but simply a reseller for the Australian domain registrar Melbourne IT. If you ever have a problem with you domain registration however, you'll have to deal with Yahoo!, and their support is appalling to an extent I have never met before. They consistently and repeatedly reply to emails with irrelevant pre-made messages: this did not happen to me once or twice, but about fifteen times.

Given my first experience with their support staff, I rushed to transfer my domain to another registrar as soon as the 60-day no-transfer period after registration was over. The transfer was systematically denied. Whenever I got a human to reply, their answer showed a striking ignorance of .com transfer procedures, replying with transfer requirement only applicable to other types of domains (.info,…).

After three days, I ended up calling them and I was told that they could not do anything and referred me to Melbourne IT. Emailing and calling Autralia several times, I was told that I had to deal with the reseller (Yahoo!) directly.

Big Day for Home equity

Tuesday, August 24th 2010 is a big day in the world of home equity. Reports from all media outlets swarm the public not unlike ants upon their Queen Bee’s own domestic settlement. Home values plummeted in July. WSJ sums this up nicely. Don’t be too concerned as home equity increases (or decreases) in even-flow with home values. If everyone remembers that swimming lesson on the first day of summer after third grade, just tread water. The waves comes and go. Positivity everyone.

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Another great vid! Compilation of lulz!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

This meme should stop being used

I hate this guy he always has to be pointing at something.

Friday, August 27, 2010

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